Friday, January 4, 2013

May Children Find Joy This Year

When it comes to ministering to children, my heart could not be more aligned than it is with George Muller:

"It appears to me that believers generally have expected far too little present fruit from their labors among children. They hope that the Lord will some day confirm their instruction and answer the prayers which they offer up on the children's behalf. The Bible assures us that in everything we do for the Lord, including bringing up children in the fear of the Lord, our labor is not in vain. We have to guard against thinking that it does not matter whether we see present fruit or not. On the contrary, we should give the Lord no rest until we see fruit. Therefore, in persevering yet submissive prayer, we should make our requests known to God. I am now looking for many more children to be converted."

To that end, this is my prayer for 2013. I've been trying to reach children in a difficult neighborhood the past year with very little success, and I am now convinced it was because I lacked in consistent, persevering, earnest prayer; all in guidance on how to reach them, for the Holy Spirit to go ahead of us and prepare their little hearts, and for His blessing upon our labors in reaching them. I am greatly encouraged to give the Lord no rest, through prayer, until we see fruit. May the children surrounding you, no matter what country you live in, find heavenly joy in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ this year. May they grow in their love and understanding of Him, and may they encourage us in their awe inspiring faith and simplicity. God's little missionaries are all around us just waiting for the opportunity to shine for Him :) 

Oh, may 2013 be a happy year in Him for children around the world!